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This website also is dedicated to helping the medical student and resident with their medical education and career. The facts are that getting into medical school and residency is getting harder and harder every year. Many outstanding students are being rejected even though they have what it takes to get in. Many times these students simply don't know the secrets to this very lucrative and exciting field. We provide personalized coaching for success:

  • Successful, guaranteed advice for getting into a U.S. medical school.
  • Choosing a good medical school either a U.S. or foreign school.
  • Personalized coaching through every step of the medical school application process.
  • Succeeding in medical school.
  • Combined degree programs (i.e. M.D., Ph.D., J.D., MBA, ...)
  • Choosing the specialty of your choice.
  • Scoring very high on MCAT.
  • Scoring very high on USMLE Steps I, II, and III.
  • Expert tutoring and coaching for all exams, clerkships, residency.
  • Expert personalized tutoring for MCAT and USMLE exams.
  • Access to our exclusive test bank of questions for acing the MCAT, USMLE Boards, ACP exams.
  • Secrets to successful test-taking. What the best students know but won't tell you.
  • Personalized coaching through every step of the Match Process.
  • Personalized advice for which residency programs to apply to and which to avoid.
  • Secrets for getting into residency of your choice.
  • Secrets to a successful U.S. match.
  • Secrets to a successful residency: what to do and what to avoid.
  • Secrets to landing an Ivy League and top-tier program position.
  • Secrets to overall success that people don't know or won't tell you.
  • What to do if you are having trouble with your medical school, your attending, staff,...
  • Special help if you have a disability or want to improve your ability to learn material fast.
  • Get the truth. Learn the secrets to success. Eliminate all the factors that you may not be aware of that will keep you out of a high-paying, lucrative medical specialty. It is your career that is at stake. Many people in this field will not give you good advice. It's time to get an edge and pave the pathway to a successful, exciting career as M.D.

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