Med-Line's Pocket Patient Charts

Manage all your patients faster and easier! Impress your attendings! Provide better patient care!

With the pocket patient chart method, you will be able to improve your efficiency with patient management on the wards. Whether its for surgery, internal medicine, ICU, pediatrics, cardiology, whatever service you are on, this system has become widely popular in the United States. It has made the ward experience extremely efficient for hundreds of medical students, residents, and attendings. This is the most comprehensive, most advanced and well-organized patient tracking system on the market today and has been developed after many years of careful research and feedback by M.D.'s for M.D.'s. The system allows you a quick, comprehensive grasp of each patient, allowing you to make rapid diagnoses and effective problem-based management for each of your patients. You cannot find these charts anywhere else. Guaranteed to make you more efficient. Get your 100-page pocket patient charts for 100 patients today.

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