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We are looking for medical students and physicians who wish to improve their chances for medical residency. We offer a site to get your name well known into the medical community and provide something that makes you more attractive than the other candidates while also giving you a publication. As you may already know, med-line is the largest network in medical publications.

We are seeking students, residents, and physicians who wish to submit articles on their favorite subject or disease process. The article has to be written in a standard format and must target other medical professionals and an above-average educated public. Many of the articles that you have written on your rotations or during residency may serve as starting ground.

If accepted, your article will be published, giving you a publication, stamping your name on the field of your choice, helping make you an expert, and elevating your career. We are looking for high-quality writers who have taken an educated thoughtful stance on their article. You will be reimbursed up to $50 per article depending on how well you write and how much attention is given to your work.

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